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Complex Business Litigation

Complex Business Litigation

Our clients look to us when they face complex legal issues that require skilled and experienced advocates.  We take pride in handling our clients’ most important cases.  Our success in these matters is based on our talent, experience trying cases to judges, juries, and arbitrators, and the lessons we have learned in more than 60 combined years representing both plaintiffs and defendants.

Our success is no accident.  We set out to build a firm of extraordinary trial and appellate lawyers focused on winning high-stakes litigation.  And that is exactly what we have done. We focus on civil litigation and appeals.  It’s what we do.  It’s all we do, for both plaintiffs and defendants.  This singular focus produces more effective trial and appellate lawyers who understand what it takes to win significant business disputes.

We are a stand-up trial team, representing plaintiffs and defendants in business disputes. Due to our diverse and vast experience, our clients are better served from the insights gained from representing both plaintiffs and defendants. Our extensive courtroom experience exclusively in civil litigation and appeals, perspective, and collaboration help us effectively develop our clients’ cases for trial.  Our clients’ cases deserve outside-the-box thinking!  We understand each case is unique, distinct, and with its own factual and legally complex issues. No scripts, no forms, and no cookie-cutter practice for our clients’ “bet-the-company” trial. We focus on the big picture necessary to win at trial, while making sure the nuances of the appellate record are protected. Our single focus is to win at trial and on appeal.

We staff cases to win.  Most of our cases are staffed by a small number of lawyers who perform all of the work on the case.  The benefit of this model is that the lawyers who will be drafting briefs, taking depositions, arguing motions, attending trial, preserving appellate positions, and presenting oral argument are thoroughly familiar with the clients, facts, documents, testimony, research, and case strategy.  Importantly, this approach costs our clients less than having an army of lawyers perform discrete tasks in relative isolation.

We use technology intelligently.  In cases involving voluminous documents, numerous witnesses and multiple parties, we use case and document management software when appropriate to leverage our lawyers and our litigation support professionals to efficiently and effectively organize and manage each case.  In addition, our lawyers are experienced in courtroom presentation tools and know how to use them to present complex subject matters to judges, juries and arbitrators.