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The law is a noble profession. It demands uncompromising standards of excellence without sacrificing the principles of integrity and professionalism. This defines everything we do.

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”
-Albert Einstein

There is No Second Place at Trial

Link & Rockenbach was formed with one goal: Excellence both in and outside the courtroom. Our firm is focused on winning at trial and on appeal. We thrive on proactivity, flexibility, variety and creativity. We are large enough to handle any civil trial, yet small enough to be nimble and responsive.

As your trial lawyer, we will focus on winning your case in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Every civil lawyer and large law firm can generate voluminous discovery requests – we target your discovery to what we need to win. From motion practice, to written discovery, to taking depositions, all of our pretrial activities are singularly focused on persuading the judge or jury deciding your case.
Masters of the Courtroom

Since its founding, Link & Rockenbach’s sole focus has been to create timely, successful outcomes in high-stakes disputes for both plaintiffs and defendants. Our record in this area is second to none.

We have learned that it takes a unique combination of experience and talent to represent clients in bet-the-company cases. Crucial factors including minimizing interruptions to business, properly staffing cases, utilizing technology, and leveraging our reputation for success in the courtroom to work out favorable settlements for our clients.

Fee Structures

Link & Rockenbach’s fee structures span the full spectrum of financial possibilities – from hourly-rate arrangements to full contingency. Hourly fee arrangements are sometimes the most appropriate, and we believe that clients receive an exceptional value given how we efficiently manage matters. But we also recognize that non-hourly structures can be beneficial for the right type of case. We have considerable experience and comfort with non-hourly arrangements. We believe our interests should be aligned with our clients’ interests. We think we should get paid more if we win and less if we lose. We don’t believe a law firm should get paid more based on simply taking longer to do something. Our fees do not depend on how long we can spend on a task or how many lawyers we can keep busy – they depend on our success. We are willing to share the risk with our clients and bet on our ability to deliver success.


Founding partners Scott Link and Kara Rockenbach Link have more than 60 combined years of courtroom experience exclusively in civil litigation and appeals. They have tried more than 200 arbitrations, bench trials, and jury trials as well as handled more than 600 appeals. When you need a trial team to represent you, Link & Rockenbach is the team you should trust.


Link & Rockenbach’s clients receive more personal attention because our founding partners are deeply involved in all matters the firm takes on. Because of our boutique size, we are always available, more responsive, and directly accountable to our clients.


Link & Rockenbach’s clients benefit from more creative out-of-the box thinking. With seasoned lawyers on small teams who are directly engaged, we provide innovative solutions and strategic short-cuts that resolve disputes more quickly and affordably.

Board Certified in Business Litigation

Of the more than 100,000 members of the Florida Bar, founding partner Scott Link is one of only 222 board certified attorneys in the area of Business Litigation.

Our Reputation

“Brilliant lawyer” Scott Link of Link & Rockenbach, PA is an established trial attorney noted for his capabilities in securities, professional liability and complex business disputes. A source comments: “He’s a very logical thinker and presents his case in a crystal-clear manner and in a way that leaves everyone very, very impressed.”


Scott Link is unquestionably one of the toughest adversaries I have worked against in over thirty years of practice. He is knowledgeable and thorough, and fully understands both the strengths and weaknesses of his cases. Scott is an incredibly effective advocate for his clients, whom he represents vigorously. He maintains the very highest standards of professionalism and integrity in his dealings with opposing counsel, arbitration panels and courts. I have referred clients to Scott in the past, and will continue to do so in the future, because he achieves great results while handling matters in a way that is a credit to our profession.


I am head of litigation for a business within a large global bank. Over the last three years I have been adverse to Scott Link in a number of high profile securities arbitrations that are part of a larger cluster of matters resulting from the credit crisis. Scott is an excellent litigator. He is smart, hard working, ethical. He is also very skilled at cross examination, closing argument and is a tough but reasonable attorney regarding settlement negotiations. More than that, he is a very professional and personable attorney. I have and will continue to recommend him to associates who ask me for counsel for securities claims.


I consider Scott Link to be the finest claimant’s lawyer in the country.


Scott Link is a very thorough, bright, and creative lawyer. He gets the facts down, so he understands the subject matter no matter how specialized the area, including issues of federal taxation. He preps witnesses very well and understands that good preparation is the key to success. He is confident, poised, and never belligerent to an opponent. I would recommend him very highly.


Scott is one of the most effective attorneys in our business. He wastes no time, he hits points that needs to be hit, stays clear of areas that are dangerous and is an absolute master at weaving facts for his closing arguments. Just as importantly, he is a man of his word and enjoys a wonderful reputation among his peers. An attorney to be reckoned with.


Our firm has worked with and against Scott Link for over 20 years. Scott is and has always been the consummate professional, a knowledgeable and effective litigator, and an excellent advocate for his clients. I have no hesitation recommending Scott and his firm.


Scott Link is a creative trial lawyer that knows how to win a case. I have known him for 30 years. He quickly figures out the best approach to a case and then tenaciously and efficiently litigates the matter. Everything he does is directed toward trying and winning the case. You would be hard pressed to find a better advocate.


Kara Rockenbach Link worked closely with me during my tenure as Assistant General Counsel/Director of Claims Litigation Services at a statewide property insurance company. She handled appellate work on numerous critical matters including the corporation’s sovereign immunity and complex sinkhole appellate litigation. I found her appellate work to be outstanding, well-reasoned and thoughtfully communicated. I had several opportunities to observe her during appellate oral arguments. She is a strong advocate for her position, but maintains a professional and respectful demeanor towards the court which again is a positive reflection on the client. Finally, Ms. Rockenbach, in her appellate capacity, was often engaged to assist and prepare trial matters and arguing dispositive motions, assisting in developing and implement trial strategies and ensuring the case was properly positioned for any appeal if needed. Ms. Rockenbach is an excellent appellate advocate whose strategic abilities would compliment any positive appellate and trial outcome.


Scott’s intelligence and meticulous preparation are evident in his command of the facts and the applicable law in each case. While these qualities make for a formidable adversary in a trial, it is his practical approach to dispute resolution while maintaining the highest level of professionalism and decorum with opposing counsel that make him a complete lawyer. This rare combination of advocacy skills has inured directly to the benefit of his clients.


We have a national practice and I have had the opportunity to see attorneys in action all over the country. Scott is at the very top of the list. He is always well-prepared, knowledgeable about the industry, a forceful and highly effective advocate for his clients. He is a very formidable trial lawyer who has the respect of his opponents.


Recently, I needed to hire a claimant trial lawyer for the most important financial matter in my family’s life and Scott Link was my first and only choice. I am truly honored to have him represent me. He is, by far, the finest claimant’s lawyer in America. He is head and shoulders above all the rest. I know, as I have dealt with the best for 27 years.


For the past twelve years I have been privileged to associate with Scott Link on a variety of complex litigation matters. In the cases on which Scott and I have collaborated, his strategic insight and intuition have consistently guided our clients to favorable results, often beyond their expectations. As both a strategist and a trial lawyer, Scott’s skills consistently achieve the coveted nod, as if, “I agree with everything you’re saying,“ from adversaries, mediators and finders of fact. As a friend and a colleague, I value few relationships as much as his.


I have had the privilege and opportunity to work with Scott Link for over a year and observe him implement legal strategies that have dramatically benefitted our mutual client. Scott is the consummate professional who inspires excellence and ethical behavior from those on his team. He combines clarity of legal thought and writing to present not only a winning argument, but the correct interpretation of the law. Scott possesses a rare combination of disciplined intellect, innate skills of persuasion, and genuine charm. As a leader, he is admired by his peers for his effortless ability to foster team-building and enthusiasm among professionals at varying levels of authority and responsibility. But perhaps Scott’s best attribute is his ability to teach –judges, clients and colleagues. He is unquestionably both a scholar and professor of the law. I am one of many lawyers inspired by his knowledge, creative problem-solving skill, and passion for excellence. He has taught many in the legal profession that words matter.


Your end result in litigation is tied directly to the quality of your litigation team. So we wanted the very best. To be a top litigator, a lawyer needs a blend of diverse qualities –brilliant strategist, unmatched legal knowledge, persuasive personality, in-depth understanding of the case, and unending desire to win. Scott brings all of these to the table and then some. He and his team know how to deliver the best case scenario and did exactly that for us.


While Scott was on an extended special assignment with one of my firm’s primary clients, we successfully tried more property cases together in that limited amount of time than had been done over the previous ten years. Scott is a force to be reckoned with, and has that highly sought after trait: he heightens the abilities of each member of the team. With Scott, we undertook a formidable challenge and met it head on.


Scott Link is the consummate professional. He represents the rare combination of integrity and honesty with aggressive advocacy. As an adverse litigant, you are oftentimes confronted with fighting for the sake of fighting. With Scott, the litigation is about getting to the truth, even if it doesn’t always advance his cause. Scott is a pleasure to deal with, regardless of the outcome, and I have no hesitation recommending Scott and his firm.


I am a securities defense lawyer who has tried over 200 arbitrations and trials all over the country. I have litigated against almost all of the upper tier Claimants’ lawyers. Scott Link stands head and shoulders above his peers in terms of his case preparation, analysis, and results. He has an uncanny ability to reasonably evaluate the value of his client’s claims and to achieve uniformly better results for those clients than virtually all of his peers. I believe this is largely because of his professionalism, case evaluation and trial skills. And his innate likeability. I believe he consistently gets better results for his clients because he never tries to overreach or exaggerate his cases. He is tough, but fair.


I have known Scott Link for approximately twenty years. I am a partner of a law firm with offices in New York City, New Jersey and Florida, and devote my practice to securities litigation. We defend most of the major broker-dealers on Wall Street. I have defended clients in cases brought by Scott and his firm, representing Claimants. I was previously employed as in-house counsel by a major Wall Street firm and financial institution. In that role, I defended that firm and its employees in cases brought by Scott and his firm on behalf of Claimants, and oversaw outside counsel in other cases brought by Scott. I have the utmost respect for Scott as a person and a lawyer. He is an extremely skilled lawyer with the utmost credibility. My views are shared equally by my colleagues and friends who know Scott and have tried cases against him. Scott is unique among those with whom I have interacted on the Claimant’s bar, and there have been many over the years. His skills, character and professionalism are unmatched. I also consider Scott a friend, and am proud to feel that way. Any client who decides to hire Scott to represent them will be very happy with their decision.


Scott is one of the best negotiators I have ever had the privilege to work with. He is truly blessed with this gift and our firm is indebted to him for using it to help us. Scott’s ability to extract our firm from embarrassing and truly threatening claims was entirely due to his consistency and ability to separate what was dispositive from what was not. Scott made the commitment at the outset to see our case through and I was overjoyed about the outcome Scott was able to reach. He is the finest professional with whom I have ever had the privilege to work with.


Scott J. Link

Founding Partner
Board Certified Business Litigation
Education: Northern Illinois University Law School, J.D., magna cum laude, 1986 Eastern Illinois University, B.S., with honors, 1983 Admissions: American...
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Kara Rockenbach Link

Founding Partner
Education: Stetson University, College of Law, J.D. Stetson University, Honors Program, B.A. in Political Science American University, Washington Semester Program,...
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David A. Noel

Education: University of Florida, College of Law, J.D., cum laude, 2003 University of Florida, Honors Program, B.A., 2000 Admissions: The...
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Daniel Schwarz

Education: University of Miami School of Law, J.D., 2011 University of Florida, B.A. in Economics and Political Science, 2007 Admissions:...
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Tina L. Campbell

Certified Paralegal / Florida Registered Paralegal
Education: Florida Atlantic University, M.B.A., 2022 Florida Atlantic University, B.B.A. in Finance, summa cum laude, 2001 National Academy for Paralegal...
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“Only one who devotes himself to a cause with his whole strength and soul can be a true master. For this reason mastery demands all of a person.” -Albert Einstein

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