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Let's Work Together: Referrals and Co-Counsel

Sometimes conflicts will prevent you from working on a case. Other times, a case may be outside of your expertise or specialized knowledge. Perhaps you need additional support with strategy, trial preparation or protecting the record for appeal. The attorneys at Link & Rockenbach are here to help. We are comfortable sharing responsibility on a case, taking over complete control, or tailoring our involvement to the needs of the client and co-counsel.

A significant percentage of our practice entails working with other lawyers and law firms who want our help both in and out of the courtroom. We respect your client relationships and enjoy collaborating with lawyers from other firms. Whether it is a referral or a joint venture, we are honored that our peers think of us when a co-counsel relationship is needed.

From acting as  local counsel for cases in Florida, to providing co-counsel support to firms across the country, our straight-forward, open, and honest approach to working with other lawyers ensures that our joint client will be properly represented.

If we can be of assistance on any civil litigation or appellate matter, please give us a call. You’ll be glad you did.

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